Classes are held at our Training Center

To reserve a spot in class, send a Sign Me up for Class form along with proof of vaccinations and a check payable to: Cool Dog Training, Inc.  Don’t delay, many of our classes are limited to 4 or 5 dogs and it is “first come, first serve.” You are welcome to mail, or drop off your paperwork at our front desk. We are open 7am-6pm weekdays and by appointment only on weekends. Forms are also available at our front desk. We will e-mail you a confirmation notice. Sorry, no refunds once you have committed to a spot in class unless we can find a replacement.

Cool Dog I – Puppy Socialization Class
Age Requirement: 8-16 weeks old
Vaccine Requirement: The first of three Parvo Vaccine*
Length of Class: five weeks Instructor: Lynne Sorrentino
Cost of Class: $175 (includes 2 half days of Day School for adult socialization experience) 

Classes are on-going (with no start date) and cover different subjects each week.  Be sure to bring proof of Parvo Vaccine or we won’t be able to let you into class! All dogs must be parasite free and have had no diarrhea or vomiting within the last 3 days. 

Wednesday Evenings at 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. (advance registration required)

An early education goes a long way. The critical Socialization Period begins at 6 weeks and continues to 16 weeks old.  Socialization includes: playing with other pups, sounds, touch and a variety of different people. Other topics covered: coming when called, focus, leash introduction. Plus, house-training, jumping, appropriate play (no teeth on skin-ouch!) and more! See the “common problems” page and also “resource” page for more puppy information.

*Note: Do not wait until your puppy is fully vaccinated! One round of Parvo is needed not all three. Do your homework and google the benefits of Socializing Puppies in a Disinfected Classroom. Your puppy’s paws should only touch the ground in your home, vet’s office and in puppy class. The benefits of attending class while young are enormous! Click here (or copy/paste into your browser) for American Kennel Club recommendation:


Cool Dog II – Beginning Good Manners Class
Age Requirement: 4 months and older
Length of Class: six weeks
Cost of Class: $250
Class Size: Limited to six dogs 0

Next Class will be posted soon.

Course Description: This class will teach dog owners how to prevent common behavior problems and learn ten cues for good habits at home. Cues include: sit, come, wait, heel, place, down, stay, release, off & watch.


Cool Dog III – Mastering Good Manners As a Lifestyle Class    
Age Requirement: 5 months and older
Prerequisite Class: Cool Dog II – Beginning Good Manners
Length of Class: four weeks
Cost of Class: $250
Class Size: Limited to six dogs

To be Determined

Course Description: Emphasis is made on being a responsible dog owner and having a well mannered dog. This class prepares you for American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Certification. Focus includes getting good “meet & greets” with visitors and with other dogs, longer stays, and having more control overall. See American Kennel Club for more information on Canine Good Citizen Certification.


Cool Dog IV – Mastering Good Manners with Distractions Class

Prerequisite Class: Cool Dog II – Beginning Good Manners
Length of Class: six weeks, Cost of  Class $250
Class Size: Limited to ten dogs

To Be Determined

* Possible rain? Check here for cancelled classes – posted by 1 p.m.

Course Description: This class is excellent for dogs that get easily distracted when not at home. This class is held outside at our training center and in a local park near a roller-skate rink, children’s playground, and people cooking outdoors. Your dogs will practice the ten cues they have already mastered at home (sit, come, wait, heel, down, place, stay, off, watch.)


Cool Dog V – Advanced Off-leash Good Manners Class
Age Requirement: 8 months and older
Prerequisite Class: Cool Dog II, IV
Length of Class: six weeks
Cost of Class: $300

Next class to be determined.

Course Description: This semi-private class (limited to four dogs per class) will teach dog owners how to control their dogs off leash. Held at our center on three and half-acre fenced area. New cues include:  Look Out! and This Way.

9 Responses to Classes

  1. Cindy Epstein says:

    I can’t tell you how much Lynne has helped us with our 3 male dogs. Since all 3 are either strays or rescues, we had some challenges to overcome. Lynne is beyond fabulous! She really understands how dogs think, which is very different than the way we humans interpret the world. She has a special gift of communicating with our furry friends that amazes me. Lynne has trained us in how to work with our dogs and all of her ideas and suggestions have been spot on. She is a kind and gentle trainer and our dogs fell in love with her immediately. She is more than generous with her time and suggestions, and when you start working with her she makes herself available for phone and email assistance as needed. We did a series of in-home trainings with Lynne and have been to her training center for consultations. We plan on continuing our relationship with her and taking our dogs to her training center for more classes. If you love your dog and really want to make a difference in the quality of life for both your family and your pet, Lynne is the person you need to see. The woman is a dog genius!

  2. Heather M. says:

    We came to know Lynne through a friend and I’m so glad we did! We started out with Puppy Socialization with our 8 week old weimaraner and continued with several more classes. Being new to dog ownership, we had many questions and tons of learning to do! Lynne has been there every step of the way offering encouragement and expert counsel. She is wonderful with dogs AND people – never making us feel dumb even though we were such novices! She is a warm, caring lady and I know that we would not have the good relationship with our dog that we now enjoy had it not been for her help. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for anything from a few basics to extensive training for their dog.

  3. Trisha Culver says:

    We found Lynne on the internet. Our dog was over a year old and we had not been successful with any type of training. Wow, what a difference! We chose the board and train and we were amazed at the progress Lynne had made in two weeks. When we brought our dog home, we saw immediate results. Lynne continued to work with us after we brought our dog home and through her guidance and expertise, we now have a dog with much better manners and a joy to be around!!! Walking our dog was nearly impossible before meeting Lynne. Now I can walk my dog without the anxiety I once had. Our dog loves going to day care as well!! I can actually take her in the car to day care without her jumping around and being a nuisance. That too is because of Lynne!! I would definitely recommend her to everyone needing any type of dog training.

  4. Tim Fish says:

    We purchased our Yorkie in June of 2010 and thats when our very quiet and calm household went to war. You wouldn’t think a 2 pound anything could cause so much trouble! We tried inhome training, we tried in store training (Petsmart) but to no avail. We soon realized that we were the problem, we just couldn’t train her and we knew that it was going to take a special person to end this war. After a couple of days searching the Web I decided to call Cool Dog Training, and after my conversation with Lynne I new she would be our savior. We made plans to board and train our little girl for 1 month, and I have to say Lynne is one impressive lady!! She treated our little girl like it was her own. We definitely made the right decision to ask Lynne to train her for us. We would recommend Lynne and Cool Dog Training for all your training needs.

    ps: Thanks to Lynne the war is over!!!

  5. Brandie Lubelski says:

    I just wanted to take the time again to say thank you for working with our “Charlie” in your puppy socialization class. We took him to the off the leash dog park for the first time yesterday and he did wonderfully. He played great with the other dogs and really adapted well as new groups of dogs were introduced.

    Thanks again for giving Charlie the right start!!!

    Brandie & Jon Lubelski

  6. Sara says:

    This last year I lost my beloved friend of 14.5 years .. My Golden Retriever Maggie. I immediately knew just a few days after her passing that our home was empty and we needed a new sweet spirit to grace it. We brought home in January our new girl Flossie… an English Springer Spaniel 8 weeks in age. We knew immediately that we wanted her obedience trained and started searching for a place that we could take her and ourselves to learn how to do it right. Our Vet’s office recommended “Cool Dog” ..and the rest is history! We Started with Puppy Socialization Class ..and it’s been an awesome training tool for Flossie. Most people don’t get that your puppy needs to be socialized so they aren’t afraid of other dogs, noises, people in uniform ..etc… but they do. Flossie Loves Class and so do we. Lynne is an excellent trainer, easy going, and willing to give advice, stay after class to answer questions and is all around so helpful.

    We started our Cool Dog II Class this last week ..and Flossie is excelling in learning her Cues with Positive Reinforcement…

    Thanks Lynne for all your help, advice, and for helping us grow a happy .. healthy Puppy!


  7. Karen Farr says:

    Hi Lynne!
    Hope you are well. I’m looking for a class that would best fit Beckett at this stage. He is two years old now and sweet as can be. He knows his ten commands and is pretty good with them. Is there a class you think he would enjoy? How about the advanced off leash class? He loves coming to your place. I checked with Rachel about the tricks class but she doesn’t have it set up yet. I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Karen 858-945-5934cell 951-694-0616home

  8. Rudy Romero says:

    I am so happy that we are attending Cool Dogs Training with Lynne! I cannot imagine owning a dog and not attending this learning. We’ve only been learing for a few weeks now, but, understand why my dogs were running the show. If you do not take these classes at Cool Dogs, then you will probably just be a servant to your dog and not trully enjoy a “Cool Dog”. Lynne, you, your staff and your facility is nothing short of INCREDIBLE! Thanks so much for training us parents on how to have a cool dog in the family! 🙂

  9. Matt Bishop says:

    Hi Lynne.. thanks for the picture and Facebook posts! We ALL had a great time in Cool Dog IV class. We were so proud of Indie, especially yesterday, where she was able to show what she had learned…she did really well. We adopted her in October and she has come such a long way, especially in the last few weeks. You and Madelyn provide great training inspiration and tips. Cool Dogs is the third training experience we have had over the years, and we were both so pleased with your class. The setting at your facility is great, and the park classes were perfect for exposure. Ronda and I both agreed you are at the top of our list with enthusiasm and techniques, as well as the positive attitude you convey.

    We are now much more comfortable taking her out for coffee and lunch, which is good for her. She is doing great in that setting. We plan on bringing Indie in for a few day classes. She has some funny fears from lack of exposure to things, I think. We live in a rural part of Fallbrook, so exposure is limited.

    Anyway, thanks again to you and Madelyn for the class and you will be seeing us again. (BTW, the “nose class” looks awesome, so we’ll watch for the next offering).

    Matt, Ronda and Indie Bishop……………