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image rattlesnake2016 Rattlesnake Avoidance Training Classes using Dog Friendly Methods

No classes scheduled at this time. Private Sessions available for a fee of $225 at our Training Center in Temecula Wine Country.

To schedule a Private Session, please email us at info@cooldogtraining.com

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Teach your dog to stay away from Rattlesnakes using dog friendly methods. 

Teach your dog awareness and new behaviors associated with them. Training includes ‘What’s that smell & sound?’ ‘Look out!’ ‘Back up!’  ‘Go away!’ Most dog’s have a natural tendency to stay away from danger. These exercises will reinforce what is already natural to most dogs. For those that are far too curious, we have self-control exercises too! You will need to practice the exercises at home just like you do with any training.

Need More Convincing? Click Here 8 Good Reasons Why Dogs Do Better with Dog Friendly Methods for Rattlesnake Avoidance Training

* FAQ: Does one size fits all?  No Way!  Our classes are customized to fit your dog’s needs. When filling out your Registration form, be sure to complete the questionnaire. There are date selections on the form. We will match up the appropriate class date for your dog depending on how you answered the questions on the form. Custom training increases the success rate.

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11 Responses to Rattlesnake Avoidance

  1. Dava Hassler says:

    Hi Lynne,
    I’ve been wanting to update you about our summer and rattlesnakes.
    Corky (our two year old Vizsla) alerted us to a baby rattlesnake in our yard on a path that my five and seven year old boys travel very often. From a safe distance he persistently and furiously barked at it. A week prior to this, while working with a plumber in an inground sprinkler box, we quickly discovered two rattlesnake babies inside. Corky went ballistic, so did our plumber (heehee). Corky definitely avoided the snakes. He listened very well and followed his training taught at your Rattlesnake Avoidance class. I have no doubt that if not for your class I would have quite a large Veterinarian bill. Thank goodness we had a safe summer, thanks to our “Cool Dog”.
    Thank you so much,
    The Hassler Family

  2. JoAnn Galuska says:

    I wanted to thank you for having the rattlesnake avoidance training at your place last year with Tracy. A couple of weeks after I took my dogs for the training, my dog (Mushka) was barking in the backyard. I was sick in bed, so I was a little annoyed at this. After about 3 or 4 minutes, I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I got up to investigate–guess what? There was a small rattlesnake in my backyard! She was barking at it, but kept herself at a safe distance. She was trying to alert me! As soon as I got outside, and I told her to get in the house, she ran inside. I was so proud of her. You were right, Lynne. You said, at the time, that she gets an A+! (Animal Control got the snake out very, very quickly, afterwards, by the way)

  3. Lila Johnson says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for sponsoring the class, Both Our Labs have now been twice, different locations, but Tracy & Fred were the trainers.
    Ryder, Our Chocolate Lab, came face to face with a Mojave Green rattler the day after last years class. He was possibly bitten on the nose before He realized what was going on and He promptly got away and sat next to Me until I led Him away. He was on a 25′ leash and could have easily gone after the snake before I had time to react.
    He suffered some local swelling, was checked out by a Vet and is here today because of the things He learned from the class.
    The training works, if your not sure if you want to take your dog to a class, I will tell you this, It saved one of Our dogs life !!

  4. SHARON REES says:

    Lynne, I wanted to update you on a couple of experiences I’ve now had with Dylan, our 5 year old Vizsla, since we attended our 3rd rattlesnake avoidance class. Dylan runs off leash twice a day, every day (rain or shine) in a pretty rural area. A couple of weeks ago I was walking down one of the hills we take every day and Dylan was at the bottom of the hill. I walked straight into the path of a huge gopher snake and screamed. Dylan started to come running up to see if I was ok but as he was about 20 feet away he slammed on his brakes, his ears dropped, his little tail dropped and he tiptoed back down the hill very upset, deliberately completely avoiding the whole area. Just a couple of days ago I found the skin of a snake while we were out walking. I tested him again and tried to have him come closer. Once again, he wanted nothing to do with the area that the skin was in. These were just gopher snakes but it proves to me that he wants nothing to do with the sight or scent of any kind of snake. Thanks for hosting the training – we’ll be back next year and will continue to do the training every year to reinforce what he has already clearly learnt from it.

  5. Karen Ward says:

    We have to share our morning experience with you Lynne & staff! Shiloh came upon a shed snake skin early this morning….don’t know if it was a rattler but she reacted just like she had been taught at your Rattlesnake Aversion Class…she backed off fast, then sniff a bit and then jerked her head back away immediately Thank you for the training!!!!!

  6. Bridget Foster says:

    Thanks for the rattlesnake avoidance training for our two dogs. Last week it worked perfectly when my mom was outside in our courtyard and she heard a rattlesnake in the grass. Both of my dogs quickly responded to the noise and ran top speed to the door of the house to be let in.

    Thanks again!

  7. Melissa Spilman says:

    Ruger (11 month old Lab) had the Snake Avoidance Training class in February. We got to see a month later how effective it was. We live in a very rural area. Ruger has a fenced in area around our home that he stays in. I put Ruger in his area and was getting ready to leave when I heard the rattle. Ruger was backing away from the bush and ran over to me. He knew exactly what it was & what to do. This training quite possibly saved his life!!!

  8. Steve and Brenda Myers says:

    Our 12 lb. Terrier Louie attended the Rattlesnake Avoidance a couple weeks ago . On our daily afternoon hike through the chapparal 2 days ago we had our “acid test”. As we were cresting the top of a trail, Louie headed wide right and was fixated on something on his left. This was unusual behavior for him so I glanced to my left and about 3 feet away from where I stood was a rattlesnake stretched out in the sun. The snake never rattled but we were down wind. I believe Louie either saw or smelled (maybe both) the snake and knew to get as far away as possible. It was a great heads up for us and we’ll be paying closer attention to him when we’re out in the brush. Many thanks Lynne and Alicia for the excellent training!

  9. Pat Culbertson says:

    Thank you for the no shock rattlesnake avoidance classes last year. The method definitely works. My dog Patches has alerted me twice so far while out in our avocado grove, and she herself stayed away well from the snakes while barking very aggressively. Both snakes never rattled, so smell and sight were key factors. I hope more people do themselves and their dogs a big favor and attend the training. Again, many thanks!

  10. Susie Neill says:

    Hey Lynne, it’s Susie….Sophie & I were at the class last Sunday afternoon. Sophie has been doing well with her scent training last night & twice so far today & I was going to add “visual” tonight.  I told you about Sophies previous encounter with the King snake in my yard….where she stood about 3 ft. away and just barked & barked with tail wagging. Well, a wonderful thing happened just now that I’m excited to share with everyone. The 4 ft. King snake decided to visit our yard again so I ran & got Sophie, on her leash. We went outside and started walking….the minute she saw the snake she backed away so fast I couldn’t keep up with her….all the way to the patio door. YEAH Sophie for her awesome visual reaction!!! I’m happy with ALL snakes being a bad thing!

    Thank you Lynne for the class & we’re looking forward to class #2 tomorrow. Good luck Sophie with your live rattlesnake test!

  11. Lynne,
    A success story this morning. I’ve been working with our dog for 5 minutes a day for the last two weeks. Zuly, the Italian greyhound, and I came across a 3 1/2 foot black diamond back today in our back yard. It rattled and turned to strike in less than two seconds. I gave her the command. By the time I said it the second time, she had already turned away and ran back to the house, through the dog door, bolted upstairs and hid in the hallway. I think she may have also sensed my fear. Thanks for the training and that sound file. I’m looking forward to the live snake session in April. I’m going to begin training with our second dog(a puppy) soon. Your service probably saved my dog’s life today. It sure made my day.

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