For Animal Cruelty Please contact 951-674-0618.  Animal Services will check on anything that you think might be consider cruelty.

Puppy Information – Recommended Reading

Dr. R.K. Anderson, DVM understands the importance of socialization – An open letter

Print out & implement our Puppy Socialization List

Common Poisonous Plants List

Titer Testing Don’t over vaccinate your dog. Learn about & ask your vet for Titer Testing.

Kennel Cough Your puppy has received a vaccine called Bordetella along with his/her other puppy vaccines. But young dogs still are know to get this virus which is very much like a human cold virus. It is not contagious to humans and typically goes away on its own without intervention from your vet. There are some signs that indicate a vet visit is necessary when the ‘cold’ settles in the chest and an infection sets in. This is not common but not all together rare either. They are carrying a virus that is contagious to other dogs so keep your dog home and comfortable until their immune system kicks this virus out. Read more with this link.

Oral Warts It’s perfectly normal for young dogs to get virus warts in or around their mouth since young dog’s immune systems aren’t fully developed. It is less common in adult dogs.  It is passed on by other dogs – in the family, or where they play or even interact briefly. It typically takes 1-2 months for it to work itself out of your pup’s system. During this time, please keep your pup at home and away from other dogs. It is not transferable to humans. Read more with this link.


A guide on how to choose good dog food   Dog Food Advisor

Recommended Products for Puppies and Young Dogs “By far the most common mistake I see families make with their puppies is giving them too much freedom! This makes for a big problem later…”  says Lynne Sorrentino.

Exercise Pens– available at pet stores. Set up one in the house and one in the yard (for small dogs) to keep your puppy out of trouble and from learning bad habits i.e. how to steal laundry, chew on furniture, chase and jump on family members , dig, chew up sprinkler heads, tear up your garden. Also, see house-training on the Training page for details on how to use this pen effectively for quick, effective housetraining.

Outside Dog Run– available at Walmart on-line shopping with free deliver to local store. This is the best price I have seen for a good quality dog run. Easy to set up. Easy to move with two people. Assembles and disassembles easily to store away for the next time you get a pup. Don’t wait until your young dog has learned to destroy your yard. The price is a deal compared to the damage young, large dogs can do to your yard. And it sure beats being in a small crate for hours on nice days. Has a top to shade from the mid-day sun.

Kongs –  most popular toy among dog trainers and behaviorists – Kongs will give dogs something to do to burn off energy. Stuff these with wet dog food & freeze or wedge in biscuits and experiment. Try freezing potatoes into a Kong. You can even feed your dog their meals by soaking their dry dog food to make into a mush, mix with a little canned food, stuff, & freeze. Takes a dog two hours to eat a meal instead of two minutes. Then they are tired afterward. This mimicks how dogs ate in the wild. Care A Lot Pets offers good quantity discounts so you can have them packed and ready in your freezer when you need to keep your dog busy. Dishwasher safe. Available in local pet stores but at higher prices. For the best price you’ll need to find on-line.

Not recommended for chewing:  old shoes, clothing, bedding. Do not let your puppy destroy toys like stuffed toys, tennis balls. It becomes a habit for life! Use appropriate toys and introduce stuffed toys or tennis balls when your dog is mature.

A note about bones:  When bones that are too hard, Nylabones being the worst, they can break your dog’s teeth. If you want to give your dog something to chew, try Kongs and other rubber products, Bully Sticks and possibly Deer Antlers. Best to check with your vet.

Recommended Training Products

Premier’s Easy Walk Harness– Probably any harness that hooks up in front and not on the back will work. This is a popular brand name that Petco, PetSmart, Kahoots, and other pet stores have in stock.

Martingale-type Collar– available at Petsmart – two size collars in one to prevent dogs from backing out of collar while on leash

Chain Leash– to discourage dogs from chewing on their leashes

Tie Down– good training is all about preventing young dogs from getting into bad habits in the first place. Dogs learn to lay on their spot and wait for you to be the initiator of interaction instead of the other way around! This product is ideal for supervised tie down inside your home. Master Lock 3/8 in. x 6 ft. Vinyl-Coated Galvanized Steel Braided Cable.  This product is wonderful since it won’t tangle. Install an eye-hook into a wall stud and secure dogs safely to keep them out of trouble! Consider putting them in a couple popular places in your home. When your dog grows up and is not as “inquisitive,” remove the eye-hook  and put a little spackle on the wall and paint that little spot.

Fence Roller Bar– for fence tops to keep dogs in the yard.


Recommended Reading

The Other End of the Leash
By Patricia McConnell, PhD

How to be the Leader of the Pack and Have Your Dog Love You for It!
By Patricia McConnell, PhD

Don’t Shoot the Dog!
By Karen Pryor

The Culture Clash
By Jean Donaldson

Dog is My Co-Pilot
From the editors of BARk (wonderful stories)


The Whole Dog Journal
(A monthly guide to natural dog care and training – approved quality dog food list)

BARk Magazine
(the modern dog culture magazine)

Other Resources

Agility Training with Jumpin’ K-9’s

Animal Poison Control Center– operates 24/7.   Call (888) 426-4435

American Kennel Club– listing and definition of breeds

American Kennel Club– Canine Good Citizen Program for therapy dogs

Dog Tie Downs are Illegal in California– learn the do’s and don’ts of tie downs

Dog Bite Law– what are your rights?  Get educated.

Dog Park Directory– listing of dog parks nationwide

Humane Society of the United States– a variety of information

Love on a Leash– an alternate well recognized therapy dog program

Shelter – Animal Friends of the Valleys– Contact them if you have lost your dog or found one.

Dogs for Adoption, Lake Elsinore, CA  (951) 674-0618

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