Cool Dog Quiz

If you can check off more than four of these, then you have a Cool Dog!
The ultimate Cool Dog is when all seven can be checked off.

Cool Owner Quiz

Do you know how to read your dog's body language?

1) What is this dog saying?

2) What is this dog saying?

3) What is this dog saying?

4) What is this dog saying?

5) What is this dog saying?

6) What is this dog saying?

7) What is this dog saying?

8) What is this dog saying?

9) What is this dog saying?

10) What are these dog's communicating?

11) What are these dog's communicating?

12) What are these dog's communicating?

13) What is this dog saying?

14) What is this dog saying?


What's happening between these two dogs?

16) What is this dog trying to say?

17) What is this dog saying?

18) What is this dog saying?


 19) Please check any of the following if you have seen them with your dog

20) The higher the tail the

21) The lower the tail the

22) The rate of the tail movement is indicative to how aroused or excited the dog is

23) Attempts to make the body look taller/larger indicates

24) Attempts to make the body look smaller indicates

25) Pointing the body/head/eyes at something indicates


Turning the body/head/eyes away from something indicates


27) Low pitched barks/growls generally indicate

28) High pitched barks/growls generally indicate

29) The faster the rate of barking the

30) If the frequency of the pitch and steadiness of the growl varies or changes the

31) One short "woof" and moving away from the threat suggests

32) High pitched barks, long series of barks, series of barks ending in a howl, restlessness, running back and forth, looking out of windows, trying to escape and chewing objects suggests

33) Grrr-bark, bark-grrr, short and deep barks, high pitched barks, moving forward, lunging towards threat, moving away, showing teeth, growling, snapping and biting suggests

34) Endless rows of static barking, same tone over and over again, barking that ends in a howl and is repetitive suggests

35) High frequency sounds, hysterical sounds, constant, series of barks with small breaks in sequence, whining between barking, running around can't keep still, jumping up and down, spinning, wagging tail, wants something in mouth, pulling on the lead, biting the lead, trousers, legs etc. and lunging at other dogs suggests

36) Barking, taking a break, listening, then barking again suggests

37) Neutral body position, some eye contact, no tension, soft blinking eyes, relaxed ears, open or closed mouth, relaxed tail at half mast with a gentle wag are all signs of

38) Scratching, tension in the ears, eyes and mouth, dilated pupils, spatula shaped tongue, braced legs, tail down, panting, ears back, looking away, dandruff, hair loss, sniffing, rounded back, salivating, tongue flicking in and out, yawning, shaking, blinking, licking, paw lift, whining, barking, urination, lowered body, sweaty pads are all signs of

39) Body held forward, standing tall, ears up, tail up, slow sweeping tail, relaxed, small pupils are all signs of

40) Paw lift, not crowding other dogs, respecting personal space, ears back or at half mast, squinting eyes, sweeping tail at half mast, mirroring, licking, relaxed mouth, relaxed posture, approaching sideways are all signs of

41) Engagement of dog to task, use of paws, ears alert at half mast or erect, no tension, eyes and nose pointing in same direction, blinking, no staring, relaxed mouth closed or slightly open grinning, lowered rear end, poised ready to move, head tilt are all signs of

42) Hiding, crouching, rounded back, braced legs, paw lift, looking away, ears back, white seen around the eyes, body held backwards, tucked tail, moving away, lowered head, squinting eyes, avoiding eye contact are all signs of

43) Head lowered, direct stare, braced legs, wide open eyes, tucked tail, closed tight mouth, rigid body, nose and eyes pointing in same direction, ears back are all signs of

44) Squinting eyes or wide eyes, little or no eye contact, mouth partially open, teeth showing, paw lift, biting each others neck and head, relaxed, half mast or up and alert ears, rear end up, front end down, tail lowered or up are all signs of

45) Body held forward, mouth open in a C shape, teeth shown, braced legs, eyes wide, staring, pupils dilated, paw lift, tail over back, ears forward, stillness are all signs of

46) Pressing into something, ears to the side, squinting or wide eyes, dilated pupils, barking, looking away, front legs braced, lowered stance, tail down or tucked, tail wag is quick or frantic, rounded back, head lowered, paw lift, lips drawn back, eyes looking opposite direction to nose are all signs of

47) Head up or down, tail up or down, ears up, body perfectly still, paw lift, crouched body, moving very slowly forward are all signs of

48) Body held forward and backwards in conflict, front legs braced, lowered tail, ears forward or half mast, tongue flicking in and out, rounded back, eyes looking in different direction to nose are all signs of

49) What does raised hackles mean?

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Question 19 may uncover areas that you would like to discuss with a professional. We welcome the opportunity to assist you.

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